Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023

April Cause of the Month is Earth Day, taking place on Saturday April 22nd

“Connecting people to nature on Earth Day and every day”

“Earth Day Canada inspires and supports people across Canada to connect with nature and build resilient communities. Founded in 1990, Earth Day Canada is a national charity that inspires and supports people across the country to connect with nature and build resilient communities. We lead an annual Earth Day campaign in conjunction with free, year-round, award-winning programs that get people of all ages outside, interacting with the natural environment — this, in turn, fosters an intrinsically motivated, enduring commitment to stewardship and conservation.”

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In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, take a minute to read through these 8 simple ways you can make a difference to the environment.
Buy local
Buying local products not only reduces emissions of transport, but also supports the local economy. Farmers feed the world and here in Chatham-Kent we are blessed with an abundance of options when it comes to fresh fruit and veggies.

Make a garden
This can be a great activity for kids! Whether you plant flowers, vegetables or fruit, this is a fun way to celebrate Earth Day and enjoy beautiful flowers and food all summer long.
Start composting. Composting is a form of recycling, but for food. It’s a biological process in which natural microorganisms break down organic materials such as leaves grass clippings and certain food scraps. You can start with just a bucket in your backyard or someplace outside where you can take leftovers. This helps avoid waste and the nutrients from your compost can be used to nourish your garden!

Plant a tree
This is a fun Earth Day activity and an easy and effective way to celebrate Mother Nature.

Keep good recycling habits
Learn which items you can and cannot recycle in Chatham-Kent here. Celebrate Earth Day with your kids by decorating your recycling bin!

Track your online energy use
Curious about how much energy you’re using while watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook? Download an extension like Chrome’s Earth Mode plug­in that tracks your usage and calculates how many trees need to be planted to offset it.

Give up bottled water
Bottling water consumes an enormous amount of fossil fuels. Plus, all those bottles end up in landfills and are terrible for the environment. If you switch to reusable water bottles, you’ll save money and help the environment.

Encourage friends to get involved
You can start a pledge board at work or school so that everyone can commit to taking environmental actions this year. You can keep each other accountable and stay on track with your pledges.